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This is the year! 2020 will begin cultivating our beautiful farm space in St. John’s, Arizona. We want you to join us on this exciting journey. Sign up for our newsletter and receive and insights and tips on hemp growing practices.


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People. Planet. Service

We have a passion for hemp and have chosen it as the foundation of our product line. Hemp and other plant-based goods deplete fewer resources and create less waste during production than animal-based products. This makes plant-based production a more compassionate method for the earth and our animal friends.  


Hemp is versatile in its applications, serving as a source for a variety of items including providing an alternative for items typically made from non-sustainable resources. McGordon Inc. promises to consider our planet first in the creation of its products, use of packaging, and in the footprint resulting from its operations.  We respect all the earth’s inhabitants by sourcing only cruelty free and plant-based ingredients.

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